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Soft impact cushions our skin, our joints and our heart! Soft products can make life more comfortable, help us heal, and provide us with luxurious moments of relaxation. Soft products touch our lives in many ways, and we help you find soft solutions.

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Soft Baits for Fishing

Soft bait fishing lures provide bass fishing with soft baits for realistic fishing lures that are designed to trigger predatory strikes. A wide selection of realistically designed, soft plastic fishing worms, plastic lizards, frog baits, grub worms, and soft plastic lures make up a sizable marketplace of soft baits with labels such as panfish baits, plastic fishing lure trailers, and for the enthusiast, fishing lure kits.

Soft Sweaters and Cardigans

Not all sweaters and cardigans are soft against the skin.  And some soft wools can actually be scratchy.  Softness can be comfortable when it is enhanced by proper treatment of the fibers.

Soft Sleepwear & Robes

Soft fibers against your skin make going to sleep easier.  Softness is a function of proper air flow as well as fiber selection.

Soft Tops

Our upper bodies are the most sensitive parts of our anatomy.  Soft fabrics and fibers prevent chafing and irritation on sensitive underarms, delicate necks, and places the sun never shines :-)

Soft Under Garments

Soft layers under your elegant clothing provide us with greater range of clothing styles and fabrics that are comfortable.  Soft under garments ran range from bras and panties to camisoles and slips.

Soft Jackets and Coats

Soft, lush fabrics invite touch!  Who doesn't want to snuggle up to you when your obviously soft, supple jacket or coat radiates the fluffiness of a cloud! And soft jackets can also provide your own skin with less chaffing, more comfort.

Soft Fashion Accessories

Soft fashion accessories come in many shapes -- scarves, gloves, hats, even cord based jewelry and belts.  Soft can accent many fabrics, shapes and colors of outer garments with subtle touches of baby soft appeal.

Soft Surroundings

Soft pillows and soft throws.  Soft fashion.  Soft drapes and curtain treatments ... all these soft touches add comfort to our personal retreats.  Soft surroundings ar all about comfort and intimacy.

Soft Lines and Soft Design

What is more feminine than soft lines in fashion, in room decor, in gestures?  Soft is all about attraction and appeal and the lushness of nature's cloudy wisps and cotton balls and seed puffs and flower petals.  Soft is delicate and strong in its delicacy. Soft materials never go out of style.

Soft Cosmetics

Soft colors radiate the glow of beauty.  We might notice stark contrasts, but soft wins our heart!  Soft eye shadows, soft brows, soft lips, soft skin -- all these soft touches invite, well, they invite soft touch!  Intimacy is all about soft.


Software makes computers functional - and we help you identify software for personal well-being, home management, hobbies and family togetherness. Soft has never been so global or so powerful!

Soft Hair and Soft Hair Styles

Soft hair is envied and sought daily as an invitation to engage eye to eye and with soft touch. Spiky hair designs come and go, but soft is always welcomed.  Soft touches like ribbons and bows add elegance and soft appeal.  Soft curls and waves compliment the soft curves of a lovely expression.  Soft surrounding the human face is eternally appealing!

Soft Skin

Soft skin is plump with moisture and protected from drying heat and wind. Soft skin optimizes health of pores and layers of skin that protect you from bacteria, viruses and other natural and unnatural invasions!

Health Solutions

Health solutions with a soft touch include bandages, skin softeners, soft green chemicals, soft water, soft seats :-) and even stool softeners. When we feel gnarly, soft can put a smile on our face!

Hobbies for Softness

Hobbies with a soft touch include the soft skills of conversation and storytelling, soft dolls, soft blankets, softball, soft pillows, software, soft pudding and soft serve ice cream and a soft smile!


Soft clothing looks and feels luxurious -- but is essential for health conditions such as sensitive skin, cushioning of joints and injuries and bedsores. We help you find soft fabrics and design.

Room Decor

Soft room decor starts with lighting and sound, and is accented with soft colors, soft fabrics, soft window treatments, soft floor coverings, soft pillows..and a soft heart!

Soft Materials

Soft materials are judged by flexibility, tensile strength, cushioning, color, sound, and plushness. We help you identify "how soft" you want your materials, and soft innovations.

Hair and Styling

Soft hair conditioners and hair styles provide comfort, self confidence and even joy. We help you identify soft hair and styling tips, techniques and products that have a soft impact on our environment (water, air and life!).


Natural and non-toxic cosmetics are healthier for both your body and our environment. We help you find quality cosmetics and skin care products for soft skin, soft touch and soft looks!


Skin is your largest organ! Soft, supple skin is highly prized and enjoyed. We help you find tips, techniques, research and products to enhance your skin's health and well being.

Soft Products for Comfort

Body parts need cushioning with soft clothing and our body benefits from having soft, supple skin. We search for soft solutions to make your life more comfortable.

Soft for Boomers

Boomers have lived active lives and sometimes our bones and bodies appreciate a bit softer approach to shoes, or clothes or foods... even bandages. Let's share our secret soft solutions with one another!

Soft for Children

Children's soft skin and sensitive bodies are often extra sensitive to chafing and damage, and soft clothing, soft shoes, soft bandages help them cope with their active lives. We search for soft solutions!

Soft for Health Care

Sensitive bodies need cushioning against chaffing, rubbing and harsh treatment, we gather info on soft solutions to prevent sores, support sensitive skin and muscles for healing.

Softness for Interiors

Soft interiors focus on pastel colors, mild contrast, soft fabrics and surfaces, and soft sounds -- soft surroundings to provide smooth and soft moods.

Soft bedroom furnishings

Soft bedroom furnishings can include soft pillows and bed linens, soft towels, soft mattresses and soft breezes blowing through soft, billowing window covers for soft, relaxing moments of sleepy, soft snores!

Living rooms

Soft light, soft music, soft furniture, soft pillows, soft rugs and carpets all add relaxation and comfort to living rooms, dens and even outdoor living rooms. We search the "cloud" to help you find soft living room solutions.

Dining Solutions

Soft napkins -- good. Soft cooked food -- good. Soft, old food -- not so safe. We help you sort out kitchen and dining products and safety tips and techniques for the softer side of nutrition.


Bathrooms harbor soft options everywhere: soft towels and washcloths, soft water, soft light and music, soft skin, soft hair, and even soft touch and soft bandages!

Hobbies for Softness

Hobbies with a soft touch include the soft skills of conversation and storytelling, soft dolls, soft blankets, softball, soft pillows, software, soft pudding and soft serve ice cream and a soft smile!

Edited by Carolyn Allen, Managing Editor of Solutions For Green


Soft Hair and Soft Hair Styles


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