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Solutions For Green is a trade publishing company specializing in green, sustainable and high performance solutions for business, organizations and communities. We're all in this together because everything is connected!

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This website is published for leaders and business people who want to make their businesses, organizations and communities greener, more sustainable and high performance.  We focus on waste reduction, energy conservation, high performance solutions that will save not only money -- in the longer term -- but will also strengthen our natural resources.

Solutions For Green is a woman-owned small business that is based on the 30 year career and life experiences of Carolyn Allen, publisher and managing editor.  Having grown up on an organic farm, Carolyn learned early that "systems" must work together to reduce waste and create sustainable community.  Carolyn brings more than 25 years of direct environmental and high performance marketing communications experience to her platform of informative trade-oriented publications.

Solutions For Green focuses on practical, in-the-field environmentally enhancing solutions, and we thive on supporting our readers and suppliers who provide innovative, reliable good and services. 

Our flagship editorial website is California Green Solutions -- which covers California's leading edge environmental regulations and solutions that can be used around the world that meet increasingly tough compliance guidelines, such as those being pioneered in California. 

We provide a green, sustainable and high performance directory for our readers: -- to give visibility to quality suppliers -- and to help people find quality solutions.  We provide very generous space to tell your "green story" so people can learn about options available.  We also keep the price low...and the links are "DO FOLLOW" so that your link adds SEO strength to your own website.

Because green careers so so important in rebuilding our economic infrastructure, we provide a directory of quality job certification programs:  Green Job Wizard.  Many of these high quality job certification programs are developed and managed by trade associations, and they can be a great way to IMPROVE your career, as well as FIND QUALIFIED EMPLOYEES.  We hope you will check out the ways that qualified professionals can enhance their perormance with ongoing training that encompasses green and environmental practices.

We have a wide platform of specialized solution websites that you will find linked to in the FOOTER of each webpage.  We hope you will visit some of these sites -- and send us stories that fit into these trade publications that help businesses and organizations provide real solutions to the environmental challenges facing us.  A few of these websites include:

Solutions For LED Lights

Solutions For Remodeling

Solutions For Landscaping

Solutions For Green Marketing

Solutions For Training

... with more tham 30 of these specialized websites, we help you find quality solutions for all your business, organizational and community challenges.

Solutions for Green is also developing a line of online educational and training modules.  Please check our main siet, for updated information on all the training and informational products we make available to you.

Green Solutions Cooperative

Solutions For Green is developing a publishing cooperative to more effectively develop training materials that can help our readers prepare for the changes in how business and communities operate -- green, sustainably, and with high performance.  If you have knowledge, experience, or an organization that focuses on these areas, please contact Carolyn Allen for updates on the cooperative and how you can participate.

Contact us at: 310-736-4770

Edited by Carolyn Allen, Managing Editor of Solutions For Green

Publication Date: 2/21/2010


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To sponsor this website or one of our specialized green solution media, call Carolyn Allen, publisher, at 310-736-4770.

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